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MERRY CHRISTMAS BOASN! and if you don’t celebrate christmas then have a wonderful day and know that you are loved.

matthew price’s instagram

matthew price’s instagram

matthew price style board

idrc what you say, everyone in the price family has gr8 eyebrows.

matthew ezekiel price, 24, personal trainer, gemini
hey remember that one time matt price and his gang put soap and red dye in the fountain outside of city hall? or that time he and his friends “allegedly” went streaking through graduation, wearing nothing but animal masks? oh gosh, good times.
matt price is 24 and your typical idiot guy, he misses frat days when all that mattered was getting drunk and doing crazy shit because he could. the majority of all that stuff is behind him.
now works as an independent personal trainer because he’s cool like that. don’t ask him to go pranking with you bc he can’t he’s a man now, he’s ~above that.. he has to do manly things like help out his fiance pick out which cake they want at their wedding. oh yeah, he’s engaged.
is so allergic to cats it’s not even funny.
psure he doesn’t own a shirt that isn’t button up, he dresses like a sir okay. price = royalty. bow down.
does this thing where he loves to pretend to be an adult and take life seriously and give kids life advice when really he has no goals or ambition. at all. he doesn’t know what he wants to do. matt is pretty much still a kid aside from the whole can actually buy booze thing.
one time in college, matt worked as a stripper but no one knows but his sister nora. it was like two nights and matt was paid handsomely so he couldn’t resist.
so basically he’s like a mix of schmidt and yeah no he’s basically a lot like schmidt.
matt is actually pretty smart, he’s just dumb a lot too. he would rather buy a new thing than fix it if it were broken ja feel? less hassle, easier. he’s down for that.
he’s got his fiance but his pasts loves are open really. secret college flings, childhood romance things matt digs it. whatever idk i am down for pre plotting if you are.
matthew ezekiel price, 24, personal trainer, gemini

calling dibs on price(24) w/ my julian schratter

a matthew price mood board

exams are over thank god i can finally get back in this tag

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